Measuring for your Rental

Because the kilt is worn just below the rib cage, measure around your waist, just below the rib cage, with a measuring tape.  Do not pull your stomach in or hold your breath.  Make sure the tape measure is snug. Subtract 1" from your measurement to provide enough grip so that the kilt does not fall off. 

Example:  If you measure 41" around  your waist, just below the rib cage, you would give the size of 40".  You want your kilt snug so that it stays on.

Our kilts have leather straps on each side, which are adjustable a couple of inches inches either way.  If we know your height, weight, and pant size, we can very accurately estimate you kilt  size.

Measuring your jacket:  With a measuring tape, measure around your chest (just underneath your arm pits, or the broadest part of your chest), then add 2" to 3" to move and breathe.

If you are over 6" tall, you will want to wear a long, for sleeve length.  If you are less than 6' tall, you may want to wear a regular  for sleeve length.

Example:  If you measure 44" around the broadest part of your chest, and 5' 11", you may wan to wear a 46R.

You can also simply give the measurement of a suit jacket that you own and fit into.