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The Scotch haggis is a national dish of Scotland. It is usually accompanied with turnips and mashed potatoes. Scotch Whisky is (customarily) drunk with it. Haggis languished uncelebrated until 1787, when poet Robert Burns penned his great ode “Address to a Haggis.” In his poem, Burns declares his love for the “great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race” and glorifies what was a poor man’s food into a dish greater than any French ragout or fricassee. Burns was already a national hero, and haggis’ profile soon soared. After Burns’ death, a group of his friends began commemorating him every year on his birthday, January 25, and so began the “Burns Supper” tradition. The suppers continue to this day, featuring Scottish food, Scotch whiskey and a grand presentation of the haggis to the assembled guests.

While Burns Suppers are haggis’ main opportunity to shine, the dish is still widely enjoyed throughout Scotland.

Supermarkets sell packaged varieties, with the cheaper variations now placed in synthetic casings instead of stomachs. It’s served in fast food restaurants, deep-fried along with chips and Mars bars.

Haggis Recipe Book -- $18.99

People from all walks of life often ask the question ‘What do you do with a haggis?’  This was the inspiration to bring together a collection of recipes using Stahly Quality Foods' tinned haggis and showing its true potential as a very versatile dish.Inside the Recipe Book you will find some simple Stahly family recipes which have been handed down through the generations.  There are also gourmet dishes from the Executive Chefs of Scotland’s top 10 hotels including the famous Gleneagles Hotel and The Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews – the home of golf.  These should dispel some of the mystery and prejudice surrounding haggis and encourage more people, including the Scots, to appreciate the versatility of Scotland’s national dish.

Scottish Haggis